What is Silent Space? 

Silent Space is a movement, an invitation to step away from the world, the noise outside of us and the noise within us, to connect with a deeper wisdom that lives within us all. It facilitates a journey for individuals to take, that leads them into their truest being. It is a place that already exists within each person, where you can connect with your heart and your wisdom.

Silent Space is non-denominational, open to all, free to all and the greatest gift one can give oneself. You don’t have to have a faith to enjoy the richness of silence. You may after time discover something within you that is higher than yourself, wiser than yourself and as you start to honour and give this presence that lives within you space, it will start to transform you.

This is not necessarily a meditation practice, though there are similarities. It is not necessarily a mindfulness practice, though again, there are similarities. Silent Space is as the name suggests, a place you set aside, to sit in silence. To simply be still. To eventually know yourself deeper, to allow silence to transform and change your inner being so that you walk on a new terrain, with a greater ability to hear, to listen to yourself, to others and to see life in a new way.

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